Personality Training

As one of CLASSEMINARS’ major events, the Personality Training Workshop provides instruction and preparation for those interested in The Personalities and in becoming a teacher of the popular material.

The three-day course is the gateway for fresh material, new perspectives, and wide opportunities for participants to launch a new career. Learn the personality types and maximize your own strengths. Change your relationships with a new understanding of others.

The three-day workshop is divided into two sessions.

In the first two days, you will explore:

• how to determine your own personality.

• the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type.

• understanding other’s personality types.

• the role of relationships in work and family environments.

• ways to use The Personalities in developing a ministry or career.

• how to communicate to and from the four personalities.

• the role of spiritual characteristics and gifts in personalities.

• methods to bring out the best in your personality.

• techniques to better understand youth and children’s personalities.

• the emotional needs of personalities.

• marital personality conflicts and balance.

Third day participants will have the opportunity to be certified to teach the personality materials (see Personality Certification below). The three-day workshop is a pre-requisite for certification and for all Advanced Personality Training courses.

Investment: Two days: $495.          Three days: $650.          Certification: $150.

Advanced Personality Training

Designed for Certified Personality Trainers, Advanced Personality Training is a three-day course to fully explore the background of personality science including blending, masking, and the physiological aspects of personalities.

You will gain expertise that allows you to build a career and ministry using The Personalities.

Participants will:

• dig into the rationale behind masking.

• understand personality blending.

• become proficient in comprehending the physiology and other medical factors surrounding The Personalities.

• study relationships in depth.

• become adept in using the material to train others .

• explore ways pastors and leaders can be more effective by recognizing and understanding personalities.

• learn how addictions and addictive tendencies will affect personality.

• discover how educators can build lesson plans and teach to and for the personality types in the classroom.

• see how personalities taken to extreme result in compulsions.

• identify spiritual needs of each personality type.


The third day will be dedicated to marketing. Personality trainers will learn how to build a business or service utilizing your new Certified Personality Trainer status.

Mastering the material can enhance a communicator’s current ministry or become a springboard to new enterprises in both Christian and general markets.

Third-Day Participants will learn:

• how to build a consulting and speaking ministry based on The Personalities.

• how to become known as an expert.

• how to structure a business plan and build a business based on your new credentials.

• where to find customers and how to market to faith-based and general market venues including corporate and education.

• build a blueprint for systematic market penetration.

• how to write newsletters to bring in more engagements and build your business.

• how to write and distribute an effective press release.

• how to write a sales brochure using proven sales language.

• what you need to know about social media, promotional products, fees, and websites.

• how to plan and execute an event based on The Personalities including selection of venues and budgets.

• business basics: plans, record keeping, budgets, ROI.

Investment: $650          CPT Fee (Lifetime Certification) $250

Personality Training Certification

After completing the Personality Training Workshop, participants may decide to apply for certification to teach The Personalities.

Certification candidates will:

• finish the three-day training course.

• present an oral presentation demonstrating full knowledge of the four personalities and the interactions between them.

• complete a written exam answering questions regarding the materials presented during the workshop and in the required reading.

• submit four book reports on each of the following personality books.

Personality Plus by Florence Littauer

Personality Tree by Florence Littauer

Wired That Way by Marita Littauer

Come as You Are by Betty Southard

A completed application and additional fee are required.

Completion of The CLASS Speaker Training is a prerequisite for certification.

Once the process is completed, participants will be certified and receive a certificate enabling them to train others and buy printed personality materials at a discounted cost.

Investment: $150

Current rates shown on this page are subject to change.

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